02-image EMPIRE XPU

EMPIRE XPU 8.1.2 Released

March 2022

The new minor update 8.1.2 is now available. Many enhancements were integrated in the latest version. Please fill in the Free Demo form for your personal copy.

New features & Enhancements

  • 2D & 3D Design
    • Improvements for 4k displays
    • Variable support during copy / paste and mirror operation
    • Fix for connectivity check
    • More tolerable operations for defect objects
    • Improved display for sheets of conformal dielectrics
    • Avoidance of hidden group display (e.g. Field Monitors)
    • Improved coaxial ports with thin outer conductors
    • Support of Linux VM graphic llvmpipe
    • Improvements for EM line monitors
  • Simulation engine:
    • Improved Multi-PC performance on NUMA-node machines (e.g. AMD Epyc)
    • Fix for 64bit long scalar problems
    • Improved circular analytic higher order modes
    • Fix for on-disc simulations
    • Improvements for conformal dielectrics
    • Support for user-defined excitation using data files
    • Improved license administration (avoiding rare checkout problems)
  • 2D & 3D result plotting engine
    • Improved marker handling in Smith Cart, polar plot (e.g. scrolling)
    • Corrections for CSV export angle range
    • Clearing and disabling result cache
    • Improved result file search
  • Postprocessing:
    • Improved sequence for user-defined equations
    • Fix for ‘postprocessing on server’ for large jobs
    • Improved handling of masks
    • Enhancements for SAR precalculation
  • Circuit Simulator:
    • Improvements for Y-Matrix based simulation
    • Fix for load circuit error