02-image EMPIRE XPU

EMPIRE XPU 8.10 Released

October 2021

The new major update 8.1.0 is now available. Many enhancements were integrated in the latest version. Please fill in the Free Demo form for your personal copy.

New features & Enhancements

  • General
    • Switch to future-proof Python 3
    • Table for far field array setup
    • Variable support for simulation domain size
    • Automesh improvements (edge use of solids)
    • GUI usability improvements
  • 2D & 3D Design
    • Debye dispersion plots and variable support
    • SMD Wizard including export
    • General rotation of library elements
    • LCS enhancements (Variables, transformations)
    • SCAD bool engine update
  • Simulation engine:
    • Kernel update to support new AMD processors
    • Accuracy improvements for conformal dielectrics
    • Multi PC solver (Hard disc reclaim switch, TCP communication, IP address support)
  • 2D & 3D result plotting engine
    • Improved field animation loop setup
    • Sweep tool in 2D plot
    • Extended axis format and labels
    • Improved curve sorting
    • Save / Store camera angle in 3D views
  • Data exchange:
    • New field source (Rohde & Schwarz format)
    • Port array parameter import/export
    • Field plane ASCII export
    • Thermal monitor ASCII export
    • Selectable engine for improved 3D CAD export results
    • Open CASCADE based BREP export of rotation bodies
    • ODB++ folder structure and zip file import
    • Project import enhancements (CST, HFSS)
  • Circuit simulaiton module and schematic editor
    • Near field superposition
  •  Documentation
    • New application notes (Conformal Dielectrics, MultiPC, Protected Part)
    • Manual, Tutorials and Examples update