02-image EMPIRE XPU

EMPIRE XPU 8.02 Released

September 2020

The update of the latest major release 8.02 is now available. Many enhancements were integrated in the latest revision. Please fill in the Free Demo form for your personal copy.

New features & Enhancements

  • Graphical user interface:
    • Improved input agents and coordinate snap
    • Support of geometry connectivity check
    • Improved Debye modelling
    • Copy / Paste support of > 10,000 elements
    • Improved LCS operations, display and export
  • Simulation control engine:
    • EM + Thermal co-simulaiton on Linux
    • Improved meshing for cut-outs
  • 2D and 3D result plotting engine:
    • Frequency dependent far field plot
    • Legend and fonts in 2D far field clolor plot
    • Marker legend for Smith Chart including frequency
    • Fixed display of current density
    • Display of material distributions
    • Display of LHCP/RHCP near fields
    • Power density compliant to IEC63195-2
  • Data exchange:
    • GDS export on Linux
    • CACDON 1.7.004 update with Spatial-2020 1.0.1 (.15 hf)
    • ODB++, Nastran, Gerber, project file import filter improvement
    • Export of read-protected files
  • Documentation
    • Tutorial and manual updates