Empire Workshop in Moscow, Russia

Jun 07, 2016

The workshop will be organized by our Russian partner PCB SOFT, http://www.pcbtech.ru/.

It covers FDTD method, simulation speed acceleration and Empire XPU unique features, design examples and live demonstration of model setup and simulation with Empire. Success stories and case studies for various applications will also be shared and discussed. Read more details...

Venue: Moscow, Alfa Izmailovo Hotel

Registration, further details on the agenda and an overview of topics can be found below:

email: akulin@pcbtech.ru


1. Introduction to 3D FDTD

Discrete Maxwell equations, accuracy, DFT, Near and Far field

2. EMPIRE XPU features

Speed and memory optimization, network computing
3. RF PCB Simulations

Filters, Inductors, Switches, LTCC, BGA, Emdedded Amplifiers

4. Microwave waveguides

Diplexer, Feed horns

5. Antennas & Phased Arrays

Reflectors, Automotive, Radar, Beam forming antennas
5. Questions & discussion