ISAP 2018, Busan, South Korea

Oct 23-26, 2018
Exhibition and oral presentation

International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, October 23~26, 2018 at Paradise Hotel Busan

The latest EMPIRE XPU will be demonstrated at the common booth with our partner Eretec.

A paper "S22_1004" dedicated to "77 GHz Automotive Radar Simulation" will be presented in the special session "Automotive EMC". It will be shown that radar sensor performance can be efficiently analyzed in the car environment with full wave 3D-EM simulations. Tolerance analysis and optimizations can be performed even for high frequencies such as 77 GHz.


The image below shows the resulting far field pattern for an integrated antenna array behind the car bumper.

Simulation details:

Volume: 300mmx30mmx45mm

Cells: 51 million

RAM: 2.3 GByte

Energy limit: -40 dB

Time Steps: 90,000

Simulation Time: 4:20 minutes

Hardware: Intel Core-i9-7900x CPU.