To get started a short manual is available. This booklet is intended to guide the user through the first steps with EMPIRE XPU. The philosophy and the major features of the program will be briefly explained added with hints, references to the manual and further documents. This booklet can act as an interactive introduction by following the steps in dark grey boxes, too. A simple RF structure will be analyzed from the scratch. Download (Getting started)...

The complete manual is divided into several parts, intended to guide both very beginners and skilled experts from installation and simulation setup to understanding and exploiting the results. The content and index parts contain links for a fast search of the requested topic. Download (Complete Manual)...


  • Part I is detailed table of contents
  • Part II is a quick guide for typical applications with references to the details given in the later chapters and sections
  • Part III describes the installation and licensing process.
  • Part IV describes the EMPIRE XPU Graphical User Interface, the simulation control as well as pre- and postprocessing features
  • Part V is the User interface reference, a complete description of all actions, operations, options and simulation parameters of EMPIRE XPU
  • Part VI describes the theoretical background of the applied method
  • Part VII gives a summary of warning and error messages along with comments to solve problems
  • Part VIII is a keyword index with hyperlinks for a quick access to the designaten topics and sections