Due to growing fields of applications and latest developments in research the EMPIRE XPU software will be continuously extended, improved and upgraded. Updates are free of charges for customers entering into a maintenance agreement. Here, release notes can be downloaded which describe new features, changes and software fixes which have been introduced in the latest version.


New features:

  •  QTEM Ports: accurate and easy-to-use quasi-TEM ports based on eigenmodes
  •  Virtual Model Inspection Module: Visualize model and fields on virtual reality glasses (add-on module for HTC Vive)
  •  In-Plane averaging of near fields, e.g. power density averaging
  •  MIMO DCF (Display Correlation Factor) as alternative for MIMO ECC
  •  New optimizers based on evolutionary algorithms
  •  U3D export for creating 3D-PDFs from Empire models
  •  BREP STEP export using Spatial's new Polyhedra plug-in available



New features:

  • Circuit Simulation: near and far field superposition
  • Substructure: simplified conformal mapping based on LCS
  • Substructure: increased encryption security for read protected parts
  • MIMO antennas: envelope correlation coefficient
  • History in Boolean operations, keeping parameters
  • Support of processor groups (> 64 cores) on Windows
  • Multiple NUMA node support on Linux for Empire Servers




The outstanding features of the new version are:

+ New intuitive 3D Design
Easily create and edit sophisticated models in 3D. The 3D design mode allows intuitive modelling and supports unlimited local coordinate systems and complements the 2D design mode with superior editing functionalities for planar multilayer designs.
+ Data exchange 
Many industry standard CAD formats and vendor projects supported, i.e. ODB++, ACIS, CATIA, IGES, STEP, and more.
+ Cloud computing
Batch processing on Amazon EC2 hosts. The Amazon EC2 cloud provides worldwide a large selection of instance types fitting all simulation needs from small single core PCs up to large 64 core workstations with 2TB main memory.


The new version of EMPIRE features a completely redesigned graphical user interface with an updated arrangement of menus, navigation tree, toolbars and icons to ensure an intuitive simulation workflow.

The new release 7.00 is especially optimized to process huge amount of imported CAD data, i.e. files larger than 2 GByte can be imported in less than 2 minutes. Many other customer requests have been taken into consideration in order to account for the challenges in today's design tasks.

EMPIRE XCcel 6.00

The new 6.00 release features the new thermal solver for calculating the temperature distribution of RF circuits and body models. A new poser has been added based on an FEM modeller to realistically modify positions of human body models. Further a lot of enhancements have been introduced to simplify the setup of simulations, such as field monitors or arbitrary oriented ports.


EMPIRE XCcel 5.50

The new 5.50 release features the cluster and HDD solver for Windows for solving large simulation problems which breaks the memory limits given by the built-in RAM. As a further highlight, a new plotting engine has been implemented with quick and easy-to-use filtering and sorting possibilities. In addition, body model visualization has been enhanced in Draft and 3D mode for easy positioning of additional devices.


EMPIRE XCcel 5.40

The new 5.40 release is even further optimised to solve huge simulation domains, hundreds of wavelength in size. It now features a cluster solver for solving large simulation problems efficiently on multiple PC's with up to 5520 MCells/s on 12 low cost Intel Core i7-920 Computers, 2.66 GHz clock frequency. As a further highlight, simulations can be carried out on Hard Disc with up to 386 MCells/s for a 40 GByte Structure on a single Intel Core i7-920 Computer 2.66 GHz clock frequency with only 12 GByte of RAM. In addition, 3D visualization has been enhanced for Boundaries, Viewports, 3D Motion, and Textures.


EMPIRE XCcel 5.30

The new version EMPIRE XCcel 5.30 features an enhanced Perfect Geometry Approximation (PGA) which allows a more accurate modeling of rounded structures with coarse meshes. In addition several pre- and postprocessing modules have been parallelized on multi-core machines to speed up the complete design process. Read more ...

EMPIRE XCcel 5.20

The new version 5.20 of the 3D EM field solver EMPIRE XCcel™ has been released. It features the Perfect Geometry Approximation (PGA) algorithm to yield more accurate results for curved structures. Further a comprehensive Object Library with 3D, 2D, wire and SMD objects has been added for the easy set up of complex structures. Read more...

EMPIRE XCcel 5.10

Rlease date: 2007, Mar 21

Version 5.10 has been upgraded to run simulations on Windows XP / Vista 64 bit, able to exploit the complete memory. Read more...