Customer Feedback

"We have a website and all those components were designed with EMPIRE XCcel and only 1 of our designs needed tuning screws because of manufacturing tolerances."

Plexsa Manufacturing, SA

"You have developed a very comprehensive simulation platform. It is a pleasure using your software."

Tialinx, Inc., USA

"I have successfully used EMPIRE XCcel to simulate antenna structures such as Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRA), slot fed patches, horns and lenses. I found the software to be a very powerful, fast and accurate tool in predicting the performance of these antenna structures. As an example, EMPIRE XCcel was able to accuratly simulate the radiation pattern of a slot fed DRA array (paper attached). The learning curve was relatively fast and the support of the IMST staff during this period was very good. The support staff at IMST is very knowledgeable and was able to answer my inquiries within a short period of time."

Soulideth Thirakoune, Microwave Antenna Engineer,Communications Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada

"EMPIRE XCcel is a powerful, versatile and efficient 3D EM modeler that I use on a daily basis to design a wide variety of RF hardware. It saves me a lot of engineering time which I now can spend on the more important problems and ideas. Additionally, the excellent and encouraging support of the EMPIRE XCcel support-team, which are application engineers as myself, helps a lot to improve the effectiveness of my daily work.

Brian Cascarano, Canadian Space Agency, St Hubert, QC, Canada

"I have used EMPIRE XCcel since 2002 for solving different electromagnetic problems, such as microstrip antennas, waveguide components, lenses, dielectric resonator antennas and artificial dielectrics. In all cases, EMPIRE XCcel turns out to be remarquably efficient and powerful tool, providing an excellent agreement between simulations and measurements. Since EMPIRE XCcel has a time-domain engine, it solves broadband problems much faster than the Frequency Domain simulation tools I have used. The interface gives lots of flexibility and control to the user and complex objects geometries can be programmed in Python without difficulty. The technical support at IMST is very good and I always receive clear answers to my questions in very resonable time."

Nicolas Gagnon, Microwave Antenna Engineer, Communications Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada