EMPIRE XPU has helped engineers deliver solutions to complex problems in many fields.


Reflector antenna modeling

With EMPIRE XPU reflector antenna analysis is possible. The software allows the feeding with waveguides which are located at any position in the simulation domain. Diffraction effects can be visualized easily.


Beam steerable antenna array

At IMST an electronically steerable array antenna has been designed, prototyped and verified with measurements. Details of the antenna modelling for the 8 by 8 array with buried patches for circular polarization are presented.


Advanced Far Field Prediction with EMPIRE XPU 3D Field Solver

A main focus of antenna development at IMST GmbH are smart antennas which incorporate components for beam steering. The complexity of such antenna systems developed at IMST, ranges from small antenna arrays with switchable elements to fully electronically steerable arrays.


Slot Array traveling wave antenna

A very innovative approach of Plastic Injected Molding has been used for the prototyping of this huge array. All waveguide components needed as well as the slot antenna itself has been designed with EMPIRE XPU.


Vivaldi Ultra Wideband Antenna design with EMPIRE XPU

UWB antennas become more and more important in short range communication links. With its Time Domain approach, EMPIRE XPU is ideally suited for designing these antennas.


Vivaldi antenna array

This example demonstrates how complex models can be set up in EMPIRE XPU. Each element is modeled with Balun and exponential shape and the array is excited simultaneously.