Plastic Ball Grid Arrays - 3D EM Modelling of PBGA Packages

Due to increasing clock speed in digital circuits or integration of high frequency RxTx modules in analog circuits the electromagnetic characteristics of chip packages can play a significant role in the overall performance. With EMPIRE XPU the Signal Integrity can be accurately analyzed or the complete S-Matrix can be derived.


High density packaged RF components: Lumped Elements, Filters, Baluns, Diplexers

Compact circuit design in multilayered structures can become a challenge due to tight coupling of neighboring elements. Here, the circuit has to be modeled as a whole which can only be achieved by an efficient full 3D-field solver as EMPIRE XPU.


Planar inductor modeling

Coils for integrated circuits such as RFIC or ASIC need to be modeled very accurately in order to obtain the right inductance and quality factor values. EMPIRE XPU features an accurate and highly efficient loss sheet model.