A wide range of applications can be handled efficiently with EMPIRE XPU. Time domain results, S-parameters, near and far field data are generated all in one simulation run for a broad frequency range. EMPIRE XPU is efficient at all scales and can be used in many industry and research fields. From large structures in antenna design to cellphone circuits, EMPIRE XPU is the right tool for 3D time domain and EM modeling.

Applications include antenna design, PCB and board design, chip design, thermal solving, etc, Engineers use EMPIRE XPU in the automotive industry, space industry, aviation industry, biomedical industry and many others.

Automotive industry

  • Performance analysis of radar antenna arrays including feed network and environment (radome, painted bumper, chassis)
  • Car-to-Car communication including multi-path propagation
  • Near- and far field prediction of antennas mounted on vehicle
  • Dosimetric assessment of near fields in human bodies
  • Wireless power transfer analysis

PCB / Board design

  • Design of RF components, like filters, couplers, coils, feed networks
  • S-Parameter and Signal integrity analysis of traces including common / differential mode excitation
  • EMI and EMC evaluation


  • Antenna performance analysis including satellite environment
  • ECC/MIMO simulation of multiple antennas
  • Design of hermetically sealed RF circuits and components

Chip / Amplifier design

  • On-chip components including microvias and metal fill
  • Power Amplifier analysis including EM and Circuit co-simulation
  • Chip environment S-Matrix including package and bond wires
  • RF performance optimization of MEMS switches

Satcom / 5G

  • Terminal antennas including radomes
  • RF frontend design for 5G (DBF or phased arrays)
  • Horn fed (offset) reflector analysis
  • Feed horn array for LEO-SAR with beam forming network

Medical Technology

  • Numerical investigation of MRI coils
  • Analysis of induced body currents inside resonators
  • Dosimetric assessment with implants or mobile phones
  • Analysis of body wearable antennas