Large structures


Modelling of a monopole on roof of a car

Automotive antennas for GSM or Car 2 Car communication operate at high frequencies so the vehicle size can be many wavelengths in each direction. The prediction of near and far fields require an efficient field solver.


Aircraft illuminated by a plane wave

This application shows an aircraft illuminated by a plane wave. Shadowing and reflection can be visualized in the near field. RCS and bi-static scattering can be evaluated with EMPIRE XPU.


Indoor propagation inside an airplane

With EMPIRE XPU the prediction of wave propagation in large areas is possible, too. Here, the field calculation inside a cabin excited by an antenna at the ceiling is shown.


Reflector antenna including radome analysis

A reflector antenna excited by a waveguide feed inside a radome is analyzed for different frequencies. The effect of the radome can be studied in the near and far field.