MW / RF Components


3D EM based optimization of filters

The outstanding simulation speed along with an intelligent post processing technique gives a new twist to full wave based filter design. A filter optimization strategy based on the evaluation of a Multi-Port Y-Matrix allows directly accessing and optimizing the filter parameters, as there are the resonant frequencies, the coupling coefficient and the external Qs


Rotman Lens for 24 GHz Radar Array Antenna

This example shows the efficient simulation of a 24 GHz radar array antenna frontend including a Rotman lens.


Reflection of open-ended waveguide

This application shows the simulation of an overmoded waveguide using over 200 modes to calculate mode conversion due to a discontinuity. Results are verfied by measurements and alternative methods


Higher Order Waveguide Modes

EMPIRE XPU is also capable of treating higher order waveguide modes. This feature is explained using a circular waveguide branch as example.