AP-S/URSI 2023

July 2023

AP-S/URSI 2023, Portland, OR, USA

Visit https://2023.apsursi.org/ for more information

Meet us July 23rd–28th 2023 in Portland, OR, USA Booth 201

From July 23th- 28th 2023 IMST will present the 3D EM simulator EMPIRE-XPU at the AP-S/URSI 2023 Portland Oregon, USA.
Furthermore IMST exhibits its capabilities in antenna design, circuit design and communication techniques.
IMST GmbH is a full-service engineering company and system house for radio systems, chip design, antennas and EDA software. As specialists in radio technology and microelectronics, our activities focus on customer-specific developments..

Booth staff:

Winfried Simon, Dr. Simon Otto
IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany