ACES Symposium 2023

March 2023

2023 International Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES) Symposium

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Meet us March 26th–30th 2023 in Monterey, California

EMPIRE’s innovative & proprietary XPU technology is a smart implementation of the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) algorithm on modern CPU architectures. It can drastically reduce simulation times while (in contrast to GPU solutions) maintaining full access to the available main memory. Hardware costs can be drastically reduced as no expensive GPUs are needed.
• Extremely fast and highly memory efficient solver using IMST proprietary XPU technology
• Highest performance at all scales with full main memory support (more than 2TB on modern workstations)
• Just-in-time code generation and caching reduce required memory by 50%
• Interoperability with all common 3D CAD data, layout formats and vendor simulation projects
• Intuitive 3D Design Editor with fully integrated multi-layer designer

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Winfried Simon IMST GmbH
IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany