New FDTD simulation speed record

August 2020

EMPIRE-XPU achieves new world record for FDTD simulation speed: 50 billion FDTD cells per second

Complex 3D EM models of e.g. antenna frontends and multilayer circuits can be solved very efficiently using the EMPIRE-XPU cluster solver. Multiple consumer PCs or workstations can be combined for a single simulation. An impressive speed of over 50 billion FDTD cells per second (GC/s) can be achieved for model sizes of up to 5 billion FDTD cells, using four AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X with 64 GB memory each. The picture below shows the performance for up to four combined PCs when simulating a multiport LTCC module including losses. Compared to GPU solutions the EMPIRE-XPU cluster solver is superior regarding simulation speed, simulation size and hardware costs.