EMPIRE XPU 8.00 Released

March 2020

For many years now, EMPIRE XPU has been one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the powerful 3D Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). Due to its unique XPU technology the performance of EMPIRE is superior to other EM solvers. The brand new EMPIRE XPU 8.00 GUI has been built with a modern toolkit which supports many helpful features.

New features

The outstanding features of the new version are:

  • New modern easy-to-use graphical user interface:
    • Use of modern software design approaches
    • Much easier to use GUI including drag&drop, context menus or tooltips
    • Validated inputs everywhere
  • All new simulation control engine:
    • The new EMPIRE XPU solver shows a re-organized new simulation tab which gives a comprehensive status on all currently running simulation activities
    • Operation buttons, job trees, log and convergence windows have been introduced
    • Keep all your simulations, variable sweeps and optimizations under control
  • Efficient 2D and 3D result plotting engine:
    • Easy handling of optimizations with thousands of curves
    • Masks, powerful markers and filters
    • The all new 3D results engine is much more efficient, fast and offers many new beautiful display options
  • New circuit simulation module and schematic editor:
    • Create and analyse your RF circuit as a standalone schematic or dependent on the FDTD results
    • Matching circuits or feed networks can therefore be designed without the necessity to run extensive EM simulations
  • Exposure evaluation compliant to IEC and IEEE standards