Graphical User Interface (Silver Package):

• Import – 2D (DXF 12, GDS 2, Gerber 247x, Excellon, HPGL, Point list, Script)
• Import – 3D (STL, OFF, Nastran, Clipboard, Exposed and Read-Protected parts, Script),
• Export – 2D (DXF 12, GDS, Gerber, PCAD, PS, HPGL, MLS, Excellon, PNG, anim. GIF)
• Export – 3D (STL, OFF, SAT, Clipboard, Encrypted Read-Protected parts)
• 2D Design mode, optimized for multi-layered circuits and components
• 3D Design mode for general 3D structures with snap on grid and object surfaces
• Multiple, arbitrary oriented local coordinate systems (LCS)
• Object Library (3D solids, 3D surfaces, 2D extruded, 3D wires, MSL Planar, CPW Planar, SMDs, User, Layout, Substructure)
• Polygonal lines and strips, cylinders, bodies of revolution
• Arbitrary volumes and shells (3D Solids)
• Selective import, healing and simplify function for imported objects
• Templates of transmission lines, SMDs, inductors, antennas, distributed RLC, examples
• Boolean operations, copy, array, move, stretch, scale, oversize, rotate, mirror incl. history
• Parameterized move, stretch, scale, oversize, rotate, Boolean operations
• Parameterized physical properties (permittivity, permeability, conductivity, resistance, inductance, capacitance)
• Automatic and manual mesh with fast meshed objects preview
• Group concept for control of objects with common properties
• Priority concept for intersecting objects
• Component list for creating and editing object properties
• Port Library (QTEM, Coaxial, CPW, FIN, LCPW, MSL, Triplate, Lumped port)
• Connectivity check, e.g. for multi-layered circuits
• Dynamic tool bar, navigation list, on-line help, Progress bar, Mesh bars
• Internal Clipboard with up to 9 selections
• Shortcuts, ortho snap, object snap, zoom
• Fast 3D rendering with dynamic transparency control, Pan, Rotate, Zoom, Boundaries, Mesh, 3D Motion
• Object snap on edges, corners, midpoints, tangents and normals
• Field Monitors for volumes, planes, lines and probes

Materials (Silver Package)

• Broadband lossy dielectrics, Database extendable
• Broadband lossy conducters, Database extendable
• Ideal conductor, PEC, Absorbers
• Anisotropic dielectric and magnetic lossy material
• Lossy, frequency dependent dielectrics and magnetics (Debye Model)
• Ideal and lossy Meta materials
• Plasma model
• Resistive sheets (Rsquare, advanced skin effect model)
• Line resistance
• Biological tissues with mass density definition (Drude model)

Excitations (Silver Package):

• Concentrated (off-boundary) and absorbing (boundary) ports /  feed lines
• Plane waves with arbitrary polarization and propagation direction with dispersion correction
• Homogeneous field (two opposite plane waves)
• Field source (external data or field dump), inside or outside source simulation
• Templates of excitation functions (Gaussian pulse, sinusoidal, rectangular, linear, exponential, user-defined)
• Sequential simulations of multiple ports
• Simultaneous simulations of multiple ports with delays or multi signal


Excitations (Hollow Waveguide Module):

• Port Library (Rectangular, Circular and Arbitrary Waveguide)
• TE and TM modes in homogeneously filled waveguides with arbitrary cross section
• Calculation of cut-off frequencies of dominant and higher order TE and TM modes
• Generalized S-Matrix calculation
• Mode preview of field pattern

Solver (Silver Package):

• Boundary conditions: Electric, magnetic, Absorbing (PML adjustable), resistive sheet
• Determination of required number of time steps from structure type
• Time domain convergence check with adjustable threshold
• Frequency domain convergence check for field monitors
• On-line view of voltage and current time signal progress
• Adaptive on-line code generation, optimized for PC processors
• Multi-core, dual and quad processor support with full memory access (NUMA supported)
• Batch processing (Job queuing, delayed simulation)
• Parameter sweep for variations
• Perfect Geometry Approximation (PGA) with no loss of simulation speed
• High speed simulation of large problems on hard disc
• Distributing and controlling jobs on remote hosts over LAN
• Distributing and controlling jobs on remote hosts in cloud via VPN
• Batch processing, sweep and optimization on multiple computers over LAN
• Batch processing, sweep and optimization on multiple computers in Amazon EC2 cloud


Solver (Optimizer Module):

• Different optimization algorithms (Discrete gradient, Nelder Mead, MSLS, Global Direct, evolutionary algorithms)
• Definition of multiple weighted goals, goal functions
• Optimizing value over frequency, value over angle, value over time, single value goals

Solver (Cluster Solver):

• Solving single large problems parallel on multiple PCs
• Using RAM of multiple PCs
• Increase performance using multiple PCs inside a network
• Fast Infiniband support on Linux


Solver (SAR Module):

• Accelerating simulation for quasi static fields in biological tissues
• Low frequency algorithm (Gabriel Model)


Solver (Thermal Module):

• Thermal conductivity for different materials and tissues
• Thermal sources (constant power, loss power from EM simulation, constant temperature)
• Heat sinks, convection and radiation cooling
• Human body thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation


Solver (Circuit Module):

• Circuit simulation as part of the post processing
• Schematic circuit elements RLC, lines, couplers, S-matrices
• Fast tuning capability 
• Near- and farfield superposition


2D Post Processing (Silver Package):

• Automatic generation of S-Parameters, impedances, voltages and currents over frequency
• Frequency range and number of points can be modified after simulation
• Autoregressive Resonance (AR) system estimation for high-Q structures
• Graph display: Zoom, scale, range, editable labels, multiple markers, curve selection
• Flexible legend editor
• Copy to clipboard to be imported into Microsoft® Office tools
• Import of external data, e.g. measurements, for comparisons
• Results files in plain text (ASCII format)
• Smith chart impedance plot
• User defined equations with templates for VSWR, inductance, Q factor, TDR, etc.
• Y and Z Matrix calculation
• Energy and Convergence vs. time steps
• Touchstone® file generation (S-matrix)
• De-embedding capability
• Field path calculation, interpolation, integration
• Plot results vs. sweep parameters

3D Post Processing (Silver Package):

• Field recording in time or frequency domain in user defined volumes or planes
• Electric and magnetic field, surface current, current density, power flow, potential
• 3D radiation pattern, Coverage calculation
• Display of colored contour, hill plots relative to structure
• Display of colored field vectors
• Current density on arbitrary surfaces
• Animations (Loop over angle, frequency, time steps)
• Field normalization to arbitrary current / voltage / power levels
• Export of field values in plain text (ASCII format)
• Superposition of fields
• Markers in animation planes

2D Post Processing (Far Field Transformation Module):

• Antenna radiation pattern (theta-phi polarization, left- right polarization, axial ratio)
• Far field browser (color map with arbtirary cut planes)
• Unlimited number of frequency points
• Directivity, Gain, Absolute, Maximum normalizations
• Mirroring at boundaries, de-selection of boundaries
• Array definition with amplitude, phase, linear or angular displacement
• Co-ordinate system rotation and phase center translation
• Frequency dependent results
• Efficiency calculation
• Scattering calculation
• Phase center calculation
• Beamwidth calculation
• Sidelobe calculation
• Single angle far field calculation
• MIMO antennas: Envelope correlation coefficient calculation, DIsplay correlation factor

3D Post Processing (SAR Module):

• SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) calculation with mass averaging and maximum location (C95.3, P1528, ieee62704)
• ACD (Average Current Density) calculation with area averaging and maximum location
• EIAV (Internal Averaged Electric Field) calculation including percentile distributions
• SAR/ACD/EIAV pre-calculation using cache files

Virtual Model Inspection (VMI) Module:

• Visualize model and fields on virtual reality glasses (add-on for HTC Vive(R))

Voxel Editor (SAR Module):

• Editing and visualization of meshed body models
• Resize, rotate, shift, flood functions
• Gabriel parameter material calculations
• Matching tissue materials with standard database (www.itis.ethz.ch)

Poser (Poser Module)

• FEM Solver for moving limbs of body models
• User definable limbs and joints

Data Exchange Modules (individual licensing):

• EDA Read:
         • ODB++
• 3D CAD Read/Write:
         • ACIS,
         • IGES,
         • STEP,
         • VDA-FS
• 3D CAD Read:
         • NX Direct,
         • DXF/DWG
         • Inventor
         • Parasolid Direct
         • Pro Engineer / CREO
         • Solidworks Direct
         • Solid Edge Direct
         • JT Direct
• CATIA 4 Read / Write
• CATIA 5 Read
• CATIA 5 Write
• BREP STEP export using Polyhedra plug-in


Operation System recommendations:

• Windows 7, 10, 64 bit
• Windows Server 64 bit
• Fedora 11, Ubuntu 14, RHEL 7, 64bit


Hardware recommendations:

• Intel Core i5, i7, Xeon
• 4 GB RAM or more
• Graphic card “OpenGL certified” (1280*1024 Pixel or more )
• Nvidia GTX 750 or better
• ATI Raedon HD77xx or better
• Hard disk space 3 GB
• Three button wheel mouse

PC recommendations:

Workstation (eg. Dell Studio XPS 8100):
•64bit Quad Core, Intel Core i7
•At least 3 Memory Modules

Multi CPU Workstation (eg. Dell Precision T7500):
•64bit Quad Core, Intel Xeon Series 5600
•At least 3 Memory Modules

LAPTOP (e.g. Dell Precision M2400 or M6500):
•Intel Core2 Duo, or Intel Core i7 Quadcore
•2 Memory Modules

Licensing Options:

• Industry License (commercial usage)
• Research License (non-commercial usage)
• University License (non-commercial usage)
• Teaching License (educational usage)

• Silver Package: GUI, Simulation control, FDTD solver
• Gold Package: Silver package + Waveguide, Optimizer, Farfield, SAR, ACIS exchange
• Bio Package: Silver package + Farfield, SAR, Thermal, Poser, ACIS exchange
• Platinum Package: Gold package (5 licenses) + Cluster solver
• Separate Modules: Optimizer, Waveguide, Farfield, SAR, GUI, FDTD solver, Cluster solver, Thermal solver, Poser, Data Exchange modules

• node-locked to DISK serial number, MAC address, Dongle (Windows)
• node-locked to MAC address (Linux)
• floating (concurrent) single or multiple licenses
• multiple Clients, multiple Servers licensing

• yearly renewed (license may be transferred to other hardware)
• permanent license (license may not be transferred)
• renting license


• EMPIRE XPU™ Short Manual (Getting started, main features)
• EMPIRE XPU™ Full manual ( Administration, User Interface, Application, References, Theory)
• EMPIRE XPU™ Application notes on media and at www.empire.de - User guides
• EMPIRE XPU™ Tutorials (loadable) or at www.empire.de - Tutorials
• EMPRE XPU™ Technical Specification